pretty much just a bunch of foot notes

January 2021

january menu, a thank you, updates

December 2020

December … this whirlwind month brings about many complex feelings for me. Despite my initial reluctance to the weather change, I actually feel very…

November 2020

Discuss: soupIn my last note I shared that I will be making quarts of soup for purchase again, so naturally I’m throwing myself into some soup research. I’d …
thoughts on the taste of bananas, a recipe, a soup announcement

October 2020

Discuss: this year's food obsessionI’m trying this out because I’m really interested in what everyone has been eating this year! For me, I learned how to make crème fraîche, had a…
thoughts on feeding community

September 2020

thoughts on mushroom hunting, a cookie recipe
hi! welcome … food notes is partly a casual way to chronicle an on-going project I am slowly working on with my friend Matt of the same name, which will…